Desert Cold

If there’s anything worse than leaving, it’s that it finally feels like winter in Jordan…….and oh my goodness, it’s horrible.

There’s a good 20 degree difference between Amman and temperatures back home, and although it’s warmer in Amman, it’s still bloody cold!

The temperature here is referred to as ‘desert cold’ and it’s something all Jordanians dread.

As my instructor Sarah says, “The weather now is what we call bone-chillingly cold.” She’s so right.

The cold here is something I’ve never felt before…and I live in Chicago.

Even though Jordanians broke out their coats, scarves and boots a good month ago, even when we were still in 65+ weather, the desert cold is finally here.

Heck, I was still wearing sandals last week and now I can’t even get out of bed in the morning because it’s like an ice box in my room.

Anfas said today that he was the only one without socks on in the mosque this morning, which surprised him because no one prays with socks on and because he’s Sri Lankan, from a tropical climate, and he even took his socks off and this is the coldest weather he’s ever experienced.

I guess you know it’s cold when Jordanians don’t take their socks off for prayer.

He doesn’t understand why they don’t wear gloves, though. They won’t take their socks off in prayer but he never sees Jordanians wearing gloves. I told him it’s because pockets were invented.

They don’t really wear hats, either. I guess it’s easier for the women since most of them wear hijab so it’s like a hat all year round.

Regardless, I’m finding it extremely difficult to function in this weather. I haven’t even left the apartment building in two days and just doing my laundry outside last night was enough to feel like I had frost bite.

Jordan, I love you, but your winter season sucks so much.

I’m currently wearing two pairs of socks and a hat…inside.

I miss 100 degree heat and sweat. Come  back.


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