And then there was one

Today begins the countdown of one week left in Jordan and the Middle East.

It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that my days here are so numbered, though there are constant reminders that they, indeed, are.

Students leaving, going-away parties, talk of packing and flight times. It doesn’t help that Junior is also keeping a personal countdown of when we’re leaving. It’s like he’s ready to get rid of me or something.

However, it feels more like a bigger step to be going home than it did when coming to Jordan. Maybe that’s because I felt so beyond comfortable as soon as I landed in this country, even in the darkness of the early morning, that I feel like ‘home’ will be more of a shock to the system.

In some ways, it probably will be more of a culture shock.

Even hearing Americans around me here is enough for me to run the other direction. And in some ways, it feels like I’m moving to a new, completely foreign country when I think about going back to America.

I assume this is how every study abroad student feels, but then again every experience is different. Some never want to leave, some can’t wait to go home. The people around me now seem to be pointing more toward the latter than the former.

I, however, am not mentally prepared to go home but I know it will be a good feeling, no matter how short lived it might be once I step out into five feet of snow in Chicago and a sleepy little farm town in Indiana.

I’m just not ready to go back to what life used to be.

Regardless, my emotions and the waterworks haven’t hit yet and probably won’t until the last three days come around.

I’m just thankful for the experience I’ve had here, the people I’ve met and this life I’ve made for myself in the last three and a half months.

Inshallah this next week takes its sweet time.




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